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Behaviour Change Training

Our available behaviour change training is described below. Alternatively, we can customise a training workshop specifically for your team, in which case, talk to us about your learning goals and objectives.

Desire Code

Desire Code is a framework that has been developed from the latest research and understanding into human psychology, decision-making and behaviour change, to create a set of principles that when applied to a service or product, make it more desirable for the customer. It is a blend of behavioural insight and customer service excellence developed to provide you with a practical system for creating and delivering consistently brilliant services that attract and delight customers.

Desire Code training workshops are available in both half day and full day format and come with our complete Desire Code toolkit.

For more information take a look at www.desirecode.co.uk
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Your 30 seconds start now - brief intervention training

You have a 30 second opportunity to talk to a client, patient or friend about behaviour change... where do you start?

This brief intervention behaviour change workshop teaches skills in 'rapid persuasion', taking advantage of tiny moments of opportunity to motivate people towards healthier behaviour

In the world of health improvement we are in the business of persuasion.
Perhaps you are trying to encourage someone to attend an event or trying to help someone make a significant lifestyle change, such as give up smoking or take up more exercise.

The words we use and how we present our case in these one-to-one moments can significantly influence the final outcome for those we aim to support. This course will help you raise their chances of success.

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