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World Class Service Design

You have an exciting concept for a project to deliver, funding in place, a tight deadline to meet and not enough time or capacity to design your programme, plan your marketing, train your staff, present your ideas to your partners and prepare your tools and resources. Talk to us.

We have designed resources and whole programme for health-related initiatives with themes including healthy eating, sport and physical activity, childhood obesity, smoking and substance misuse.


Humans not Robots

Most services are designed with rational human beings in mind; people who understand risks and numbers, who make lifestyle changes on logical argumenta and who are infinitely motivated. Of course real humans don't all behave like this. Real humans have biased views of the world which impacts on their decison making, they are influenced subconsciously by other people, we make mistakes and forget to do things and we also set goals and then throw them away when our motivated levels change.

We make services for real people and help you take into account the real nature of the people you are trying to support so that you can enjoy the best outcomes and get a bigger bang for your buck. This Behavioural Economics approach looks set to become more popular and understood following the release of the new public health white paper for England, but at Hampson Solutions we have been delivering training and designing services using these principles for the last 5 years!


Whole Systems Approach

We take a whole systems approach to our work. That's because Denise is a Systems Engineer and it is built in to everything we do. We take the bigger picture while looking at the detail; we blend expertise from multiple disciplines into a seamless picture; we make processes as straight forward as possible and we always keep the end user in mind.


We Take Care of It

We are unique to have a website and graphic design team wholly integrated with our healthy lifestyles team which means we have the capacity to not only design you an exceptional service but we can produce highly attractive resources to support the marketing and delivery of it too.

If you would like to know more about our design service please contact us.