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Presentation Skills Training

Whether you are new to giving presentations or you have been doing them for years, we've almost all sat through endless, vanilla, dry death-by-powerpoint presentations.

Remember the 10-minute keynote that had 34 slides in it and where the presenter limped 15 minutes into the coffee break? The one with 15 bullet points on each slide and those awful pink and blue pie charts? Or even worse, were you that presenter?

Does the idea of delivering a presentation to a room full of people break you out in a cold sweat? Do you hate the routine of having to spend hours preparing your slides and props?

Denise Hampson is a professional speaker, having delivered keynotes at major national and international conferences over the last 5 years (about behavioural economics - The Desire Code stuff on the left!). However the techniques she uses to make her keynotes more impactful and memorable are easy to learn and use. This workshop will show you how to take the pain out of presenting and start to deliver presentations with more impact.



We will be listing up coming workshops here soon.



3 - hours.



Delegates on this course will take the first steps towards actively looking forward to giving career-defining presentations which engage, inform and entertain their audiences.



"" Presentation Basics: Back to basics unpicking the purpose of presentations and the principles of giving and receiving information, considering the kinds of presentations delegates may be asked to do and exploring why it’s important to them to be able to present well.
"" Structure: Delegates learn about the structure of presentations, timing and the mechanisms used to convey meaningful information to an audience.
"" Design: We examine the use of visual aids such as props, flip charts and presentation slides. Delegates will learn about the use of images, and tips on getting the most impact from text.
"" Delivery: How you say what you say is more important than what you say! Body language - how to read your audience and how they read you. How to nail the start of your presentation and keep your audience engaged. How to provide notes.
"" Nerves: Delegates learn techniques they can personalise and use to help them identify and manage presentation anxiety.
"" Handling Questions: Questions pose an additional source of anxiety because they appear to be out of the control of the presenter. This section explores the kinds of questions delegates may get and how to handle difficult questions.

This training course is available in-house for up to 12 delegates.



The following are quotes provided to us by our workshop delegates:

"Brilliant course for the inexperienced with lots of useful tips."

"Going back to the basics was very valuable, even though I have done dozens of presentations. I think laziness & complacency creep in after a few years! Many thanks indeed."

“You can teach an old dog new tricks”

"Denise made it much more simple and easy to prepare for presentations in future."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed all parts of today. Thank you."

"Excellent course. Learn how to present in an easy & simple manner but get the message across."