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Psychology of Health Behaviour

A one-day workshop exploring behavioural economics and its impact on health improvement behaviour

This workshop is for Health Promotion Specialists, Sports and Physical Activity Officers, Health Trainers, Occupational Health Nurses, and anybody working to improve the healthy lifestyles of others.

It will provide you with new insights to understand your clients better and maximise your delivery.

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"" The four keys to motivation
"" Why and how people make the choices that they do and how they predictably and consistently mis-read situations and information
"" Why people procrastinate and can’t make themselves do the things they actually want to
"" Why people can’t seem to improve their lifestyles for a healthier future
"" Why people are naturally inclined to take risks
"" New tools and techniques to help your clients and service users work more successfully towards their lifestyle goals
"" How you can improve the power of your marketing to make your projects more effective



This one-day workshop is now only delivered in in-house format. Please contact us for pricing and availability.




The following are quotes provided to us by our workshop delegates:


"Never looked at the clock once today! Totally fascinating course, really made me think and will employ some behaviour changes in my job. PS Think this is the first time I ever wanted to fill in an evaluation, speaks volumes!"
CAROLINE ADAMS, Community Nutritionist, Newark and Sherwood District Council


“Not only enjoyable but full of practical and useful ideas and concepts to make a difference in the work I do to help people make changes to their lives.”
BRUCE DINSMORE, Sport Development Officer, Craven District Council


"Marketing units would really benefit from this course."
SARAH POOLE-SUTHERLAND, Sport Regeneration Manager, Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council


“Non-stop, useful, life-changing ideas.”
CHRISTINA JONES, Occupational Health Nurse, Kelloggs


“A very useful and relevant course for those working with individuals on behavioural change, such as Health Trainers.”
CHRIS BAGUMA, Health Promotion Manager, Brent PCT


"Most enjoyable, informative, kept my attention all day"
HELEN TOPLIS, Health Trainer, Derbyshire County PCT


“This workshop has made me look at my own practice and turn it on its head.”


“Lots of good ideas to try to influence behaviour change.”
JANE DARROCH, Health Promotion and Community Development Manager, Ealing PCT


"It really makes me rethink how we've promoted our service and I'm coming away with some pointers as to how we could market it more effectively"
CANDICE LAU, Specialist Public Health Nutritionist, Nottingham City PCT


“The whole day was excellent. A good mix of participation and information.”
LESLEY McCANN, Occupational Health Nurse, Wylfa Power Station


"Fun, enjoyable and beneficial. Denise is an excellent communicator."
TRACEY MORLEY, Age Concern Nottingham & Nottinghamshire


“Excellent course, very beneficial and targets the work I am doing.”


“An eye-opening participative workshop with across the board interest. I will take everything on board in my own work.” TRACEY ROBLEY, Volunteer, North Tyneside VODA


"Very stimulating, thought provoking and insightful workshop."
ANGELA STARKIE, Project Manager, East Lancashire PCT


"A very interesting and insightful day. Really added to our research."


"All the examples that were given in each subject area were easily related back to your area of work. This course will help you get the best from individuals/clients."
JOEL MORGAN, GP Exercise Referral Coordinator, Monmouthshire County Council


"Brilliant insight into practical application of the theories behind behaviour change."
TIFFENY CUTTS, GP Referral Instructor, Sports and Leisure Management Bristol


"Insightful, fun and friendly and very informative."
KATHRYN GRIEVES, Adult Physical Activity Development Officer, Preston City Council


“Great course with practical examples of ways to promote activities in a range of settings.”
CHARLENE WILLIAMS, Physical Activity Coordinator, Bexley Care Trust


"Really enjoyable day. Lots of chance for discussion. Would recommend this workshop to anyone working trying to get people more active. Fantastic delivery."
ALI ALLEN, Fit as a Fiddle Co-ordinator, Age Concern


"Full of thought provoking information and usable ideas."
DARREN GUNTER, Active @ Work Officer, Swindon Borough Council


“The course has made me re-think the way I approach my job... and the need to be more client centered.” DAWN MITCHELL, Salford Community Leisure


"It's a fresh approach, a breath of fresh air, much needed."
EMMA PALMER, Joint Planning and Commissioning Assistant, Monmouthshire Local Health Board


"Very beneficial and enjoyable."
LYNN NELLER, Health Trainer, City of Lincoln Council


"Really good course and great delivery."
LISA RYAN, Physical Activity Recommendation Scheme Co-ordinator, Nottingham City Council


“I got so much out the setting goals element - thank you."


“Everything we covered was realistic - you left me with a lot of good thoughts."




“You clearly want to make a difference."


"The whole way the training was approached held my interest and motivated me."


“Great inspirational stories with real examples."


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