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Desire Code

Percentages, patient numbers, population data, needs, profiles, objectives, performance indicators, budgets… pick up a story about healthcare in the newspaper, on the TV or online and you’ll likely be reading about one or a combination of those. Open up any health promotion literature or read a poster in your GP waiting room and you’ll probably be met with data and numbers relating to prevalence, risk and illness. But what if people don’t have an instinctive understanding of numbers.

What drives decisions around how we access and use services and decide on what we should do and how we best take care of ourselves? How can we develop emotional health and care systems – that help people when they are in pain, anxious, confused and upset? Behavioural insight is a relatively new stream of psychological research which shines a light on how people subconsciously apply some basic rules-of-thumb to making decisions under uncertainty, and how they are attracted to messages and behaviours presented in particular ways.

Desire Code sets out to unpick these principles and provide a practical framework for applying them to create more attractive and efficient services.

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