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Hampson Solutions Consultancy

So you've a project to deliver, a tight deadline to meet and you don't have the capacity to get it done on time. And the pressure you're under has eroded all your creative enthusiasm? But you don't want to just turn out any old rubbish.

Or you've taken a long hard look at the information you produce to market your services and you realise it wouldn't even inspire you, and you know about this stuff better than anybody.

Or you've a blank canvas for an exciting new project and you want to play with some ideas and need someone to bounce suggestions off.

We have had the most fun getting involved in our customers' projects over the last 6 years. We are a one-stop-shop for everything you need to plan, design and implement your campaign or service. Even if we don't do it all in-house, we have superb connections with a range of manufacturers, illustrators and printers. We have overseen the development of outdoor activity and walking maps and routes, signage, short-term challenges, social marketing campaigns, the design of virtual (cartoon) families, website design, bespoke training solutions, brochures, mini cards, posters, banners, infographics, loyalty cards, presentation slide design, cheeky marketing and more.

If you think you'd like our support, give us a call to discuss your project and find out what we can do for you.

You can reach us on info@hampsonsolutions.co.uk or call 01492 530700 or complete the form on our contact page.