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Lifestyle Challenges

At Hampson Solutions we have developed a series of innovative lifestyle challenges, each one perfect for helping you with your New Year's Resolutions. They make great giveaways for events and festivals, much better than mousemats, frisbees and pens. It's just a matter of deciding which of the challenges suit you best...

Christmas Baubles

Christmas Resolution Baubles

Hang your New Year Resolution on your Christmas tree with one of our Christmas Resolution Baubles. Complete the card with your resolution, pop it inside one of our little tree baubles and hang it on your tree. Think about it every time you walk past your tree throughout Christmas and New Year. The day you take the tree down... the day you start working towards your new goal.

Pack includes goal card and transparent Christmas tree bauble.

Cost: £1.49 +VAT each

Ship Goal Setting Cards

Ship Goal Settng Cards

This is a simple but delightful goal setting tool. You study the picture of the ship and choose a character which represents you now in relation to a goal you want to set. You choose the character you want to represent you in 6 months time. Write your goal on the back of the card, seal it in an envelope and hand it to a friend or colleague. Then open it up in 6 months time and see how well you did.

Pack includes ship goal card, stickers and envelope.

Cost: £1.49 +VAT each

Lifestyle Bank

Lifestyle Bank

Is your resolution to save more next year? What about saving for a healthier future. These cute little piggy bank cards encourage you to set small lifestyle challenges for which you are rewarded with a lifestyle bank 'coin' as you complete each one.

Pack includes Lifestyle Bank card and stickers.

Cost: £1.49 +VAT each

More Active Minutes

More Active Minutes

Over 40% of our New Year's Resolutions are to increase our actvity levels and become fitter. This challenge has been adapetd from our 5x5x30 Challenge. It's a 5-week challenge for you to aim towards the 5x30 activity level. Get a '30 minute' sticker for every day you reach the target level. After 5 weeks you'll have established new habits that will last all year.

Pack includes More Active Minutes Challenge cards and stickers

Cost: £1.49 +VAT each

Party Pack


Save money on a party pack, 50 OF EACH of the above 4 lifestyle challenges for only £198 +VAT...

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We can offer great volume discounts on these too if you want to do a big style campaign. We can provide you with excellent value healthy lifestyle resources.

Picture this… Your brand splashed all over these resources!

If you would like to know more about the above challenges, and how we could create a special version, just for you with your logos and colour schemes in the design. Please contact us.