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A More Active Lifestyle

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This is a behaviour change resource for designed to support individuals to become more physically active.

“A More Active Lifestyle” is an attractive A5 spiral-bound, 46-page, full colour diary-style workbook printed on 115gsm silk paper (excellent for writing on) with a quality heavy-duty matt-laminated card cover.

It is a flexible resource with many potential uses, including but not limited to the following:

"" A support tool for fitness trainers and health trainers to work through with their clients
"" A welcome gift for new fitness members or new participants of an activity programme
"" A retention tool to encourage people to continue with a fitness programme or to come back into a more regular active routine.
"" A tool to support those on a GP referral programme
"" A free gift for participants to attract them to take part in a one-off event
"" A give-away at exhibitions (for just a bit more than the cost of a pedometer)

The workbook is built upon the following principles from the latest understanding of human behaviour and decision-making processes to help people over the age of 16 to become and stay more active:

"" Harnessing the power of social norms for motivation and support
"" Promoting short-term, certain and positive benefits for physical activity
"" Working with our natural tendency to switch to the default option
"" Providing objectivity and reflection through the practical diary-style of the workbook
"" Supporting people to recognise existing behaviour and overcome obstacles to change
"" Generation of new habits by linking new behaviours to existing autonomic behaviour
"" Predictable failure and support for relapse to old behaviours

The booklet contains 6 weeks of lifestyle challenges with a specific physical activity theme with record sheets, a certificate and suggestions of next steps.

The book can also be ordered as a bespoke resource with local branding and including additional pages of local information. Contact us for further information on this option.