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About Us

Our mission is to help people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives. We suspect that you are here because you feel the same. Lets go on an adventure together...

World Class Human Engineering Think of a fast jet fighter aircraft and imagine for a moment about the way that aircraft must be designed to enable the person inside to perform at their best, physically, mentally and emotionally under intense pressure. World class human engineering. A little bit of that goes into what we do.
World Class Performance Think of an elite athlete on the start line at a World Championship and imagine for a moment all the preparation and effort they must go through, and all the background support they get to help them be ready and right on form the day it matters most. World class performance. A little bit of that goes into what we do too.
World Class Service Design Imagine hundreds of conversations with real people wanting to make real positive changes to their lifestyles and as many conversations with the professionals who are trying their hardest to help them. World class service design. A lot of that goes into what we do too.

We specialise in the design and development of healthy lifestyle resources and programmes and we also deliver a range of innovative training programmes, designed with care to help you get the best from your services and in your interactions with your service users and clients.

We aim to be the leading UK company in this field and we have an impressive customer list of over 400 organisations including many Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Primary Care Trusts, charities and commercial organisations. We are constantly developing new programmes, training and resources in response to the things our customers say they need.

Our products have been used by organisations throughout the whole of the UK and some of our programmes and resources have won awards for innovation; more have been held up as examples of best practice.

The driving force behind Hampson Solutions Ltd is Denise Hampson. A past British Women’s Track Cycling Champion, Denise was a member of the Great Britain Track cycling team over a 6-year period during which time she represented her country at European, Commonwealth and World level and set a number of national records.

A Systems Engineer prior to her athletic career, Denise learnt the art of designing and managing complex systems at BAE Systems, Europe’s leading defence engineering company, where she worked on the human engineering aspects of projects such as Eurofighter Typhoon and the Nimrod MRA4.

With a talent for inspiring and motivating other people into healthier and more active lifestyles Denise has worked in local government and also the NHS developing new initiatives to help improve the well being of communities.

Since establishing Hampson Solutions, Denise’s talents have been highly sought after both public and private sector organisations. All of the resources and programmes offered by Hampson Solutions are based upon her unique and innovative systems approach to delivering behaviour change support.